How to apply

Who can join?

Applying to the A&D Programme is a voluntary decision of a cancer centre. However, there are a number of requirements that each cancer centre should meet:

Are you applying to the A&D Programme for the first time?

  • OECI membership is required
  • Strong commitment to quality improvement (signature of Director/ Board of Directors)
  • Dedicated staff (contact person, project group, all involved employees)
  • Cancer care is performed in an identifiable unit with a governance and organisational structure
  • Provision of oncology surgery, radiation therapy and medical oncology
  • Involvement in cancer research and education programmes as well as cancer care
  • Stable management structure
  • No major changes expected (e.g. governance changes, merger, complete re-location)

Are you applying for re-accreditation?

  • If you apply for re-accreditation, you do not need to fill out the Application form
  • You will be notified by the OECI A&D Management Unit how and when you need to apply for re-accreditation
  • The re-accreditation process will start after submitting the Designation form in the e-tool


Advantages of an OECI Accreditation

It is the only Europe-wide institutional accreditation which covers both cancer care and research in one process

The review produces a high-quality Improvement Plan (with clear identification of opportunities and a plan to fix them)

There is a real engagement by all disciplines and all levels of staff

The gathering of the data and the self-assessment by all departments is a benefit in itself (for self-monitoring and learning)

The accredited centres can participate in benchmarking

How does the A&D Programme add value for patients?

There are large sections of the questionnaires around patient satisfaction and involvement in the centre

The peer review is part of a toolbox to improve outcomes for patients

It disseminates research and implementation of best practice

The process promotes collaboration and the development of networks

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