OECI started a benchmark project to offer centres the opportunity to monitor and evaluate the quality of key governance, management, clinical and support functions that influence patient outcomes.

As a first step, we have started with the pilot of the OECI benchmark project. Therefore, 10 centres were invited to participate in this pilot and to provide feedback on the indicators and data collection for future lessons. For this pilot, 18 indicators have been selected. Data was collected via a link to a questionnaire, available in the OECI e-tool. Many of the benchmark items correspond to the information requested in the quantitative questionnaire in the e-tool used for the OECI Accreditation & Designation process.

Data collection for 8 centres has been completed. This data will be analysed and incorporated into a presentation for the centres to gain insight into their performance.

The A&D Board decided to continue with this important project and implement benchmarking structurally into the accreditation process based on the valuable results of the pilot project and constructive feedback from the centres.