Call for Nominations for the OECI Accreditation Committee

17 Apr 2024

Application and Selection Process

Interested candidates are invited to apply by 15 May 2024 including:

  • an updated CV
  • a letter of approval from the cancer centre/institute legal representative

The A&D Board will select up to 2 candidates.

You may apply if you have a position in an OECI Member and your centre/institute formally endorses your candidacy by supporting signature. Preference will be given to existing auditors of the A&D Programme.





Tasks and Responsibilities of the Accreditation Committee

The Accreditation Committee members are appointed for a three-year term that may be extended for another three years. They have different complementing backgrounds: physicians, nurses, translational scientists, quality management, experience with industry. Tasks and responsibilities of the Accreditation Committee include:

  • Analysing the self-assessment for advice on the Go/No Go decision;
  • Analysing and examining the qualitative and quantitative self-assessment reports;
  • Analysing the availability of the required evidence and additional appropriate documents;
  • Advising the A&D Board about a Go/No Go decision with regard to the scores, notes and documents in the self-assessment report;
  • Reviewing the audit report, which includes the conclusions, strengths and opportunities that are drafted by the audit team;
  • Advising the A&D Board on the final accreditation and designation type;
  • Reviewing the improvement plan of the applicant centre.













👉  Click here to see the current composition of the Accreditation Committee.


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