IRCCS Ospedale Sacro Cuore Don Calabria has been accredited as an OECI Cancer Centre

22 Sep 2023

IRCCS Ospedale Sacro Cuore Don Calabria was accredited as an OECI Cancer Centre, hence becoming the 2nd centre in the Region of Venice to be awarded this certification, which is synonymous of quality and excellence.

This recognition of quality is reserved for high-level centres that adopt a multidisciplinary approach and integrate advanced cancer care, research and training. Specifically, this certification recognised Sacro Cuore’s quality of patient care throughout the entire care pathway, alongside the institute's access to innovation.

The certification was publicly announced on September, 12 with a press release, which saw the participation of the OECI General Manager, Prof. Claudio Lombardo.

The event also included highlights from Sacro Cuore’s Chief Executive Officer, Dr Mario Piccinini; Medical Director, Dr Fabrizio Nicolis and Medical Oncology Department Director, Dr Stefania Gori, who presented the institute and underscored the importance of developing a multidisciplinary governance structure, investing in cutting-edge medical equipment and ensuring advanced trainings of the medical and paramedical personnel.


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