Revisions Appendix II Manual 3.0 (Qualitative questionnaire)

15 Apr 2021

When working on the template for the peer review report of Manual 3.0 as well as the IEEA accreditation of the OECI standards of Manual 3.0, we have noticed some revisions, which have not been taken over in the Manual 3.0, as this was published before the revisions were made. We herewith inform you of these minor changes:

  • Some standards have been upgraded to CORE standards: standard 12.5, 32.1, 40.1, 40.3, 40.9, 41.1, 41.3, 41.9, 46.2, 47.2, 50.6
  • One standard was downgraded from a CORE standard: standard 57.2
  • Two standards were removed from standard 55, as they were already asked for in standard 53 (53.4 and 53.5)
  • Standard 1: CORE The cancer centre has a governing entity (board of directors / executive committee with accountability for: Plan for research added.
  • In standard 54 and 55 validation of the administration of anti-cancer drugs was omitted by mistake. Therefore, question 54.6 has been changed into: CORE A validation procedure for the whole process, including prescription, preparation, distribution and administration, is implemented.

For more information, please do not hesitate to contact one of the co-ordinators.