The latest OECI standards (Manual 3.2) are now IEEA certified

16 Aug 2022

The certificate was awarded by the ISQua EEA’s International Accreditation Programme, after an independent third-party assessment to validate our standards. As part of the accreditation process OECI has done a rigorous self assessment to check whether our standards complied with the ISQua EEA principles for the Development of Health and Social Care Standards. This was followed by a desk-top survey by the IEEA auditors in May 2022.

The OECI A&D Standards were developed for cancer centres, with specific standards for cancer care and research. OECI standards are revised and reviewed every five years. This is the 3rd official version and 2nd large revision. The OECI standards version Manual 2.0 were first accredited by IEEA.

The IEEA certification of the standards means that OECI’s centres within the Accreditation and Designation Programme, their patients and careers, and policymakers in the EU and beyond, can be confident that the A&D Programme is working according to meaningful, relevant, and validated standards for quality in cancer research, education and care.